Exhibition at VERSI museum
Korea-Spain 70th anniversary commemorative exhibition
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Exhibition at the SOMA museum in Seoul

Under the title “The landscape we face, our daily gaze”, the Seoul Olympic Museum of Art (SOMA) is holding a special joint exhibition of Korea and Spain from March 23 to July 25, 2021, to offer the opportunity to see our everyday landscapes from a different perspective and reconsider their meaning. With the common theme of “everyday settings”, our goal is to see the everyday gaze of artists from Korea and Spain and reflect on our changing daily lives.

Even ordinary mundane and repetitive everyday landscapes that we might otherwise pass through are recorded as one of many breathtaking landscapes through each artist’s perspective and experience, and these prints are further integrated with drawing screens. another print as a new image. In this exhibition, we can enjoy the diverse perspectives of six artists, among them MyongHi, Kim, YongSun Suh, GeneUk Choi, Jesús Sus Montañés, Javier Granados and Jordi Pintó, on their daily life through a cross form and study different methods of the perspectives on the world of both countries classifying their works by keywords, which include ‘contemplation’, ‘capture’, ‘phenomenon’, ‘observation’, ‘pleasure’ and ‘imagination’.

The work of Jesús Sus Montañés (1945 ~) ​​closely describes everyday life and common landscapes in Spain. Watch crowds on the streets, in markets, at carnivals, and attending festivals in Spain, and then express your emotions with passionate lines and colors. The people represented in your work are not specific individuals, but rather normal people that we may encounter in our own lives. Its unique colors are warm and bright, and the natural movement of its subjects exudes vitality through detailed brush strokes, expressing the peaceful but active views of Spain.

Through the different points of view of the six artists from Korea and Spain on the expressions of our daily life, we can face everyday scenarios that are ordinary, but special. The everyday lives that we are now reshaping will be like paintings that can recreate our lives as a new setting. Through our experience of everyday life yesterday and today, we can recreate new everyday lives in our hearts that will be redrawn.